About Computer

Our Mission

Created by financial operations experts with decades of experience, to solve the problems at thousands of companies where precious time and resources are wasted on order management, complex invoicing, revenue recognition, and gathering financial data because of old tools and processes.
TrueRev’s mission is to be the trusted solution for small and medium sized businesses and help them better understand their customers, revenues, and cashflows.

Our History


We started TrueRev to make a great easy-to-use solution with a hyper-focus on customer success. We will never stop examining everything inside our company— processes, systems, customer feedback, and product development—in order to better understand our customers and service their needs.

A True End-to-End Solution


There are many point solutions. We believe from experience and talking to our customers that they require a modern solution which ties together customers’ orders, billings, renewals, revenues, and cash in the bank. All of this in one comprehensive system that they can afford, which is what we continually aim to deliver.

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TrueRev’s powerful, enterprise-quality billing and revenue automation platform software is a better way to bill, collect, and grow your revenues.