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Article Latest Updates: More Power and Simplicity

Jason and the tech team have kept a tight focus on responding to your feature requests and building more reporting and control into TrueRev. 

We have some great upgrades to save you time and effort:

Read on to learn more and see helpful explainer videos!

1. Enjoy an easier close with Journal Entries (Beta)

If you're ready to save time during accounting close every month, you will love our new Journal Entries feature.

With a click, you will see a detailed journal entry to record revenue, deferred revenue and (if applicable) unbilled revenue. TrueRev automatically creates the revenue journal entry and then posts it directly to QBO.

We have a few remaining spots for Beta Testing this highly valuable feature. Let us know if you'd like to be included at

2. Deeper reporting insights with enhanced searching and filtering

New display and usability functions have been added all over the reports -- all suggested by our awesome customers. Popular reports now include enhanced searching and filtering, so you find what you need fast.

Check out these new features now in our Revenue Schedule Report, Contract Summary Report and Future Cashflows Report.

3. Easy toggle between MRR/ARR reports

Fewer clicks are always better. Now you can use our MRR/ARR Toggle to easily switch between MRR and ARR.

Another great idea from our awesome customers.

4. Get your MRR report how YOU want to see it

TrueRev’s MRR Report keeps getting better. We’ve added a lot of configuration options which can be accessed within Settings:

Assumes Renewals

Now you can carry a customer’s last month’s MRR into the future to avoid seeing churn in the future due to expiring contracts.

Churn - Additional Configurability

Now you can get churn exactly the way you want: Customers that expired on or before today


All customers in the month they expire, including future months.

5. Unlock more insights about customer contracts with new filters for Future Cash Flows reporting

Dig even deeper into your Future Cash Flows.

Now you can:

Filter by Product View

Use our new drop menu to see future cash by Product -> Customer -> Invoice

Filter by Invoice Status

Filter Customers and Products by invoice status (e.g. Open, Paid in Full, etc.)

Click to See Contract / Invoice

Use the new deep links to open Contracts and Invoices from within the report

6. Fewer clicks for a better experience in Contracts

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve reorganized the Contract Management interface into 4 main management pages, so navigation is easier and screen space is clearer:

  • Profile (includes documents and milestones)
  • Bookings (combines Contract Terms and Products)
  • Billing (previously called Invoices)
  • Revenue

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