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Case Study Case Study: ZenFinancials

Company description:
ZenFinancials combines tech and CFO-level knowhow to take the stress out of managing finance, accounting, and operations for B2B SaaS companies. ZenFinancials is a strategic partner that gives CEOs the clarity to drive top-line growth and efficiency.

Customer Profile:
Company location: San Francisco, CA
Industry: SaaS Accounting

User Profile:
Sal Abdulla, Founder & CEO

A leading accounting company wanted to automate revenue recognition for its B2B SaaS clients using Quickbooks, but the cost jump to expensive enterprise-level software is hard to justify.

Solution Summary:
Using TrueRev software, ZenFinancials experts can now easily provide automated revenue and real-time SaaS metrics for clients who are using Quickbooks Online.

"TrueRev is a great example of a platform that simplifies financial operations, removes errors and increases clarity for everyone. We are thrilled to include TrueRev in our suite of offerings for our B2B SaaS clients."


“TrueRev is capturing 80% of the value proposition of automated revenue recognition at a fraction of the cost. No expensive fluff you don't want to pay for – and easy integration with Quickbooks Online.

“TrueRev focuses on what matters to B2B SaaS: the ARR waterfall, gross revenue retention numbers, net revenue retention numbers, customer churn data and more. Using TrueRev, it is possible to avoid the huge jump in additional cost to implement software like Maxio.

"If you are a CFO that wants to:

  1. Automate the revenue recognition schedule (no more spreadsheets)
  2. Handle contracts and billing out of one system
  3. Produce SaaS metrics without being distracted by fluff metrics and unneeded features, TrueRev is for you!”


“TrueRev has filled a giant gaping hole in the market for Quickbooks users. Big enterprise software is not affordable for many B2B SaaS companies and is stuffed with fluff metrics and features that aren't useful until you get really big. If you’re tired of creating your revenue recognition schedules manually in Excel, you don’t have to abandon Quickbooks and spend tens of thousands of dollars a year for Maxio. You can go with TrueRev.”


“TrueRev's simple user interface and one-click integration with Quickbooks Online is much easier to use than Maxio. Maxio’s decade-old interface is complex, so only senior staff touch our enterprise installations.

“With TrueRev, all the members of the financial ops team are up and running around in it on day one. It is very easy to navigate and anyone can quickly find the data they want.”


“TrueRev's executive team monitors all customer communications and is highly responsive. We were personally piloted and onboarded by a founder. This is unheard of at the enterprise level, where there isn’t really a real customer success team for smaller customers. You just have to submit a ticket and wait. TrueRev is invested in our success and responds quickly.

“TrueRev is a savior for accounting businesses that want to use automation to take the stress out of managing B2B SaaS finance and accounting operations.”

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