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Article ZenFinancials Selects TrueRev to Turbocharge Revenue Recognition for B2B SaaS Clients

SAN FRANCISCO, CA ( JUNE 15, 2023) TrueRev, a leader in automated financial operations software for B2B SaaS companies, today announced a partnership with ZenFinancials, a leading tech-enabled fractional finance and accounting firm that exclusively services SaaS companies.

Leveraging TrueRev, ZenFinancials can easily maintain ASC 606-compliant revenue schedules, resulting in accurate and reliable financial reports for all stakeholders. ZenFinancials uses proprietary and third-party software like TrueRev to build highly automated finance functions.

"The finance industry is in transformation, which is creating ongoing challenges for accounting teams to improve accuracy and compliance while also lowering costs," said Sal Abdulla, Founder & CEO of ZenFinancials. "TrueRev is a great example of a platform that simplifies financial operations, removes errors and increases clarity for everyone."

TrueRev enables software companies that use Quickbooks to see critical financial SaaS metrics – in real-time – with the click of a mouse. With TrueRev, they can automate order-to-cash accounting, including customer bookings, billings, revenue recognition, deferred revenue, and real-time SaaS metrics on a single platform.

As a result of this partnership, ZenFinancials gains increased flexibility and efficiency to produce error-free revenue recognition schedules, schedule invoices for every customer, generate SaaS metrics in real-time and seamlessly work with cloud accounting software such as QuickBooks Online.

"We are proud to work with Sal and his team at ZenFinancials and to help provide accuracy and simplicity to their financial operations," said Ali Rizvi, CA, CPA, founder & CEO of TrueRev. "Our mission is to make financial reporting for B2B SaaS as simple as possible, so every company stakeholder can get a real-time, crystal-clear view of the SaaS and revenue metrics they need to make good decisions."

About TrueRev

TrueRev is a Financial Operations (FinOps) platform for small and medium-sized B2B SaaS companies looking for advanced financial clarity. TrueRev seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks to allow for automated order-to-cash accounting, including customer bookings, billings, revenue recognition and deferred revenue as well as real-time SaaS metrics – all on a single platform. For more, visit https://www.TrueRev.com.

About ZenFinancials

ZenFinancials combines tech and CFO-level knowhow to take the stress out of managing finance, accounting, and operations for B2B SaaS companies. Unlike traditional firms focused on tax and compliance, ZenFinancials is a strategic partner that gives CEOs the clarity to drive top-line growth and efficiency. We do this by being hyper specialized experts and by embedding ourselves in companies as a fractional in-house team. https://www.zenfinancials.com/

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